Of my absence …

So, I went on another solo backpacking trip. This time it was interiors of Tamil Nadu where language was as big a barrier as was the place for me. Backpacking to remote places has its own charm & toll. V was apprehensive of this trip but I assured him.
I love challenges and almost had my way until the last phase when some small bloody creatures on this earth defeated me. My ever sharp German knife or any other defense tactics couldn’t defend me from them. 😛

Yeah, I was attacked by Dengue and first 3 days I kept suppressing high fever by taking paracetamol thinking it just another fever. By the time I was back to Mumbai & got my tests done, I was advised immediate hospitalization. Took 2nd & 3rd opinion … no luck… all inhumane torturous doctors wanted to chain me to hospital bed. 😀
Anyway, not going in detail as how many times they sucked blood out of my veins on pretext of checking something or the other and for your info, I am still donating it every alternate day !


My condition was like this building… upside down.

But here I am. Hale & hearty, recovering slowly.. thanks to V who took full charge. Kept feeding me all goodies and now I am sure instead of losing weight, I weigh at least 5 Kgs more. He made the tastiest Pongal I’ve ever had in my life. His first attempt.. the recipe & instructions were mine but that does not belittle his effort and affectionate care.

I don’t want to exert much, so stopping now; just wanted to let you know of my absence. I have also tried to reply to your mails, thanks everybody for your care & concerns.

12 thoughts on “Of my absence …”

  1. Oh wow… Dengue sounds scary to be honest. Hope you are back in shape soon.

    I hope that isnt the advertisement for TN 🙁 …so where all did u go? Being born in chennai, and having made so many trips with family – i have been to many places, but somehow never can see it in the same light as a “travel trip”.

    anyways, waiting to hear ur stories!

  2. Oh, that really sucks! I hope you feel better now. This is the downside of traveling… good you have someone to take care of you.
    .-= Zhu´s last [post] ..Paris By Night =-.

  3. N,
    It could have happened anywhere and people like me do not get scared by these smaller things. 😀

    Yeah, going with family to some relatives is entirely different when you go to same place as a traveller with your backpack. A whole different world opens up for you.
    .-= Nisha´s last [post] ..Holidaying in Turkey during festivals =-.

  4. Sankara,
    Welcome here.

    Ha Ha… does somebody purposely go to some place to catch them ? 😛

    Not Tuticorin but ahem ahem ! Next time I’ll make sure to visit the place. If not for Dengue, then for some memories. 😀

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