Overhearing !

Overhearing happens quite easily without our knowledge. While traveling in Rajdhani Express from Mumbai to Delhi I happened to overhear the following conversation. Yup.
Now don’t preach about it being a bad habit but then what can you do since they were sitting right in front of you ?

Two Gujarati men discussing Indian economy. Actually only one. The other one was patiently lending him an ear.

1st person – Indian currency kachro che. FD mein bhi nahi daal sakte, only nationalized banks.
Mannu bechara accountant tha, usko gaddi pe baitha diya. Wo kya jaane politics.

Note:– Later we realized that he was referring to Dr Manmohan Singh, the Indian Prime minister who is also a world famous economist. 😀
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7 thoughts on “Overhearing !

  1. What would life be with a bit of ‘overhearing’!! Some of the ‘best’ comments and statements I’ve heard (meaning humorous or absurd)- were from ‘overhearing’ – On the other side of the coin- have you ever had someone ‘overhear’ you…and then JOIN IN your conversation????? oh my- I’ve had that happen to me on several occasions and I’m always quite shocked when a total stranger joins in my conversation between my hubby n me…or a friend n me…etc etc

  2. haha
    just for the record- manmohan singh is not a “bechara”
    he is one of the most corrupt men in india. to quote shakespeare “look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it” – that’s our “innocent” PM.

    politics aside, the things we overhear are often funny and interesting… i had a similar experience on Azad Hind express from Pune to Nagpur. it was quite funny. I suspected the male boss and female worker relationship was not so innocent. hah

  3. Obviously they did not know the difference between accountant and economist. :))) Overhearing is not something that you can avoid.

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