Rap – What an innovative idea !!

Have you ever wondered how boring are regular announcements at times ? As much as they are important to us, they fail to generate any interest. Same instructions, same repetitive language. Oh oh.

The instructions issued by flight attendants at the start of a flight are equally boring. So this Southwest Airlines employee tried to make it innovative by adding a bit of fizz to the process. See the video, the happy passengers and praise him !

This is what differentiation is all about. I hope he gets promoted by his company.

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4 thoughts on “Rap – What an innovative idea !!

  1. This is surely Incredible India.

    No, I am not talking about your other video post in which you have posted that super video promoting tourism to India. I am talking about the Rapping Flight Attendant.

    I chanced upon this video about 10 days back and made a blog post on the same (People who make a difference at work).



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