So I accept the challenge…

When Anjuli mentioned about blogathon and that she is going to participate in it, I thought she was crazy. But being a well wisher & a friend, I wished her success and that’s it.

Blogathon 2011 is about posting a post every day during the month of May. I know a few other bloggers who are participating in similar projects but seriously, who in their right frame of mind can write & publish everyday?

Not me.

When it started today, I read her first post on her blog and commented. I told her she was a brave person to have tried this. I would not have. It needs one to be punctual & focused. That was past 10 PM.

And immediately after that comment, in a flash of a moment I submitted the form to be a part of this Blogathon without even reading the rules or terms & conditions! I received a mail saying “I add you since your form reached before 11 PM (deadline)”.


I’ve chosen to take up the challenge. Mine being a travel platform, I am not sure whether it is a good idea or not.
I do not have any dearth of stories or topics to write about; I have so much of photos and contents that I can write for next two years without travelling or stepping out of my house.
But it is about sitting in front of computer, getting into the mood, writing it down and hit the ‘Publish’ button.

Let’s see. I’ll try to take you places where I have been to and in the process tell you small details about it.
So be ready for a post every day this month. And yes, wish me success. 🙂

7 thoughts on “So I accept the challenge…

  1. BRAVO!!!!!!! You can’t believe how big my smile is knowing you will be posting every day- because I look forward to all your travel posts and your travel pics!!! I can’t wait!!!

    You are indeed a BRAVE lady!

  2. Wonderful!! All the very best…. Unfortunately, I wont be here all of May to read it, but I shall make sure that I read every single one when I get back in June… so you can look forward to a bunch of comments from me then, all at once 🙂
    Like you say, I have no dearth of things to write about, and I am actually on the comp most of the day, but then actually writing down everything is something else… wonder when I am going to be able to catch up !

  3. I opted to do this at the last minute myownself, so I understand the moment of fear/challenge/exhilaration.

    Best of luck in the coming days

  4. I think its possible …let me also give it a shot ..anyways am publishg photos everyday

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