Train journey or air travel?

What do you prefer? A train journey or air travel?
This is a question I get asked many times.

Well, both have their own advantages & disadvantages.
I love train journeys; they have their own charm. To look out to the beautiful landscapes, the fields, the people working or doing their daily chores and the sound of “chai” at every station. …. A real bliss.

There is a saying Hindi, “hawa mein mat udo, Zameen par aa jao”.
It gives me exact emotions when I travel by train. I feel grounded. I can relate to myself with other human beings.

Inside aeroplane

There is an old adage that money saved is money earned. Keeping that in mind one of the few things I do is if my destination is reachable by an overnight train, I take that. Traveling overnight by train has also another advantage. You save on a night’s accommodation costs too. If you do it both ways, that’s two night’s worth of accommodation costs. That’s some more money earned!

However, traveling by air has its own set of pros.
I prefer a window seat and while other passengers are busy watching TV or napping, I can spend hours looking at the beautiful patterns made by clouds.

Another advantage, you can get to your destination in a relatively short amount of time. The whole procedure from check-in to arrival has been streamlined to produce maximum efficiency, and there is very little time wasted.

Till some time ago, the only thing prohibiting the widespread use of airlines as the main way to travel was the cost of the ticket. Recently that trend has changed significantly with the introduction of low cost flights. If you plan sufficiently in advance, you will get very cheap air tickets. Many airline companies sometimes even regular airliners have low cost ticket schemes which save a lot of money, while keeping all the advantages of air travel.

Also, you don’t have to bother about porters or keeping an eye on your luggage when you are asleep. It’s airline’s responsibility to reach your luggage to your destination safely.

Any other points that you would like to add?

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13 thoughts on “Train journey or air travel?”

  1. Hi Nisha,

    Well, I am more of a frequent traveler on trains although I feel that planes should be used more often. All because of the simple fact that trains take too much time. I remember, during my college days I used to spend 38 hours in the train to travel to Tatanagar, one-way. I used to get super pissed-off with all that wastage.

    However, flights need to trim down their cost in order to attract even a larger pie of customers.

    Thanks for sharing this post. 🙂


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  2. Yea, I always like traveling by train, that too by day train. The din and bustle around you, chatting with strangers and later getting themselves acquainted with, the passing greenery outside the window… all brings before you a virtual heaven.

  3. I’ve been thinking of taking a train journey across Canada sometime. Who knows when though. I think that will prove to be more relaxing and laid back than the flights I’ve been on, which somehow always seem a bit more highly tense.

  4. Jules,
    Take a train journey when you are completely recovered and have time. Have been reading your posts silently & have marked some where want to comment. 🙂

  5. Jay,
    Sorry, your comment had gone into the spam as you’ve included a link in your comment.

    Well, to each his own.

    Leave alone the time factor & comforts, I think whoever has commented here loves train journey (including me). 😀

  6. While I admit that the plane is unavoidable for long haul trips, in many parts of the world, and especially Europe, there really is no excuse for not going by train. Apart from the convenience of arriving at a city centre location (as opposed to an airport miles away) there are huge environmental benefits of train travel (up to 90% less CO2 emitted compared to short haul flights). Also, apart from the amazing views at take off and landing, you get to see so much more from the train.

    So the train it is everytime for me 🙂

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