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This site and this site give the current status of trains. For example if you want to know where a particular train has reached at this moment, you have to enter train no. and it will update you on current status including time of arrival/departure at earlier stations.

I keyed in a train no. using 1st site and it is telling me that it is late by 30 minutes. Please click on photo for larger image.

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8 thoughts on “Train Status

  1. Jeevan,
    Welcome and thank you.

    Thanks for the link, I’ll update the post. I think there would be some more.
    How accurate is this site ?

  2. Hi,
    I have used both these websites earlier, and unfortunately have found that though they do mention if the train is on time or late, the information is sometimes not updated properly. While returning from varanasi for example, according to the website, the train was half an hour late, but finally it turned up about 7 hours later,having started about 4 hours late in the first place. It actually makes more sense to use the phone enquiry, though it is a bit more trouble……

  3. hi,
    I found a very good site to check current status of ticket availability in It works faster and also gives you information on trains running between station and availability check on the same page.

  4. I traveled through Indian railway during my recent trip to India. I went across three states. I had reservation for all trips except one . I felt that given the resources , Railways are doing a wonderful job. I agree there are problems but then I felt over the time, things have improved a lot.

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