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I thought I will update you what’s going on here on this blog.

First, I am way behind my schedule to write about the places I have been to. There is so much to write. But at the same time I am in no hurry or in competition and so, at present I am content with writing smaller posts with pictures which give you some insights about the place.

Second, I have made a page of some travel blogs that I enjoy reading. The blogs are in no particular preference.

Here’s the first cut. You can see it above on the navigation bar. I will try to update this page on monthly basis.

If you want to recommend any travel related blog that I’ve missed or think your blog should also be a part of it, leave the blog’s name & url in comment section or through Contact form. I’ll check them out.
My only condition, the said blog should provide full RSS feed. At present, I am not promoting any blog with a shorter feed. That does not mean I will stop reading those blogs.

And if you want to link me back, you are most welcome to do so. 😀

Third, it seems there is some problem with the combined feed. Off late, it is behaving erratically. Posts don’t appear on time and then out of the blue, 2-3 posts show up all together. So, if you have subscribed to it, please change. Subsequently this feed will get eliminated.

The subscription methods are mentioned on top of right sidebar. If you are regularly getting the updates then you are subscribed to right feed. No need to change. 🙂

For regular personal updates, subscribe to this website by e-mail or on your reader. For those small stories and tit-bits that don’t always make it to this place check out my Twitter or Facebook accounts.

7 thoughts on “Travel Blogs & feed

  1. Really enjoy your blog and am very happy you are making updates as you and when you can. I don’t care for the ‘hurried’ updates I sometimes read on the net- it is obvious someone is trying to make a deadline. I love your updates with the pictures and the interesting information!!!

  2. There’s also a good WordPress plugin that will help you keep track of RSS subscribers. Not sure if you’re using it: FeedBurner FeedSmith

    Also, thanks for adding my site to your links page. I’ll be sure to add you to my other travel blogs as well.

  3. Anil,
    Oh, Thanks for the info. I wasn’t aware of that. So, most probably I don’t think it’s being used here.

    Will try to use it.

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