Travel insurance while backpacking

The backpack is synonymous with holidaying, particularly when you’re visiting mountainous areas such as the Pyrenees, the Himalayas or Machu Picchu. You need your backpack to carry all your essentials such as food, water, navigation equipment, cameras and a tent. All that costs a lot of money, and should anything happen to it, you need worldwide travel insurance. Here are a few reasons why you should consider cheap holiday insurance:
• If you’re walking across a mountain range and the contents of your backpack get damaged. When you’re thousands of feet above sea level and travelling up a steep gradient and your backpack’s not properly secured to your back, it could fall off very easily, tumbling down the mountain and damaging everything inside.
• There’s a possibility that your backpack could be stolen. Insurance company will be able to meet your claim as soon as possible, and you’re able to replace what’s been lost.
• Should an individual item be damaged or lost like, for example, a digital camera or a mobile phone, we’ll be able to replace it.
• You could end up having an accident while you’re on holiday. While exhilarating, backpacking holidays can also be dangerous, especially when walking up and down mountain ranges or in large national parks. There’s a possibility that, through no fault of your own, you could suffer an injury from falling down a mountain or hill, which may result in you being unable to get to work.
• Your whole holiday could be a massive disappointment. A combination of things such as food poisoning, dirty accommodation and failure of equipment like your backpack or compass could ruin everything.
• You could end up getting lost while out backpacking. If this occurs, then anything could happen, and it’s hard to find your way back.
Having travel insurance while on a backpacking holiday gives you the knowledge that should any of the above go wrong, you’ll be covered. From injuries suffered as a result of accident to having your backpack stolen or damaged, holiday insurance has everything in mind.

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  1. In fact you are totally correct- I have found on more than one occasion that travel insurance really ‘saved my life’!! Many times travelers totally over look this important element in travel- thinking that they will be able to ‘handle things as they come’- but when the ‘bad’ thing happens and you don’t have a back up plan- you are left with alot of headaches. (does it sound like I am talking from experience? ha ha- yes!!)

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