Who is responsible ?

Note:– Before you scroll down, I must warn you.. .. the post contains some gory pictures. So, if you are not comfortable please skip the post. Thank you.

Very recently while the train was stationed at a platform, I happened to peep out of the window on the other side. One train just passed by on the adjacent tracks.

Then I saw something like long intestine on those tracks. The immediate reaction was whether it was there before the train passed or a pregnant lady has delivered in the train and this was all residue thrown out of it ?

I wanted to track that long bloody tube, the other end of which was not visible from my window. Curiosity made me go to the door, open it and see it myself.

This was what I saw there. I felt like puking.

But then I wondered who is responsible for this cruel death ? The hungry stray dog or people like us who throw eatables on the tracks ?

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11 thoughts on “Who is responsible ?

  1. Wow, terrible. I don’t think we have stray dogs or cats. They would be caught and turned in at an asylum or something. It could part be caused by the climate here, domestic animals could not survive alone for long periods of time.

  2. Those are some pathetic photos. Yucks! It looks too small to be a donkey but the snout looks like one’s. Could be a small pup though.

    I shall keep in mind to use dustbins and not railway tracks the next time I travel by train.

  3. I get very pissed when people chuck stuff out of trains and angrier when trains dont have dustbins ..

  4. Anil,
    Read that last line. It’s a dog.

    Yes, European countries are different. These animals are taken care of there.

    Read last line of the post ! It’s a fully grown up dog.

    I think it had happened just then and I noticed it.

    I’ll be writing a mail to you. Do reply.

  5. This is a real sad thing… Its really disheartening to see this kind of thing being happend in railway station… all are involved in this.. our ignorance to keep the public places clean, people who allows the animals through and many more.. 🙁

  6. This post just makes me extremely sad…and angry. To think that a life could have been saved had someone not reckless thrown food along the tracks. 🙁

  7. Its not just the trains…
    Whenever I go to college I take this highway sorta road to Gurgaon, mujhe almost hamesha koi n koi animal road pe dikhta hai… 🙁

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