How do you take this ?

Someone sent me this link. A passenger was caught masturbating mid-air on a domestic flight.
Some cases of such acts are heard on foreign airlines but this was in India where even a public display of affection (holding hands, hugging or kissing) is looked at as an offence and degradation of our culture !!

Anyway, the act is so so shameful. The passenger was arrested later. You can read full news here.

P.S.– I am back from my somewhat whirlwind trip and will start reading/visiting your blogs shortly.

7 thoughts on “How do you take this ?

  1. disgusting..
    Ive been out of the blogworld too for a while..just dropped in to say hello..will be checking out your posts again

  2. I had read that news item online earlier.

    I was Mumbai briefly last month, and as usual, went gallivanting in and around the place. How come I didn’t bump into you? Welcome back.:)

  3. Air travel is so stressful and uncomfortable these days, it’s a miracle this guy found something to masturbate about! 😆

    Sorry… 😆

  4. agree with zhu ! it is luxury cattle class these days

    The fact is that the new cheap airlines mean people who could never afford or could never dream of flying now fly.

    so theses things though freaky and rare , can happen.

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