Souvenirs for me is not just buying a few key rings, fridge magnets or postcards. They are fond memories of a place I visited, fond memories of the moments I lived & cherished. Sometimes they are part of our life, not just the memories.


I stayed in Australia for nearly a year. During that period I visited many places in the country. I learnt about local culture, food and history.

I watched Aboriginals, the tribal community of Australia, playing Didgeridoo and dancing. I watched them speaking in their language and followed their expressions & movements to understand. Have you ever seen an Aboriginal dance? The meaning of “Kang-a-roo”, Australia’s national animal and why it was national animal meant a lot of sense.


That time I had also become a fan of Cathy Freeman, their star Aboriginal athlete & Olympian. Do you remember these Olympic coins I had shared with you earlier?

I watched Aboriginals making Didgeridoo and Boomerang. I learnt how to use a Boomerang. What’s the correct way of holding it and how does it comes back to us!

Today these memories are boomeranging at me. Before I become more nostalgic, here are a few pictures of handmade, hand painted Boomerangs that adorn our walls.



Question:- What is a souvenir to you?

P.S.- This is a monthly series exhibiting various souvenirs that I have picked up from my journeys across the globe. You can see more of them here.

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10 thoughts on “Boomerang”

  1. I can understand what you say, Nisha because they mean the same to me as they do to you. These boomerangs are beautiful, I was actually wondering if they return and now I know, they do. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Wonderful way of bringing back the memories cherished. Even I have the habit of collecting souvenirs and displaying on my showcase.

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