Quiz Time – Which place is this ?

Do you know which place is this ? A few months back it was on world news map.

Note:- For these quiz posts, I’ll moderate the comments and publish them only after a week to maintain the interest.  Let me see how many of you can guess it correctly.

Ok, almost everybody answered it correctly. It is hotel Taj Mahal, Mumbai which faced the brunt of terrorism last year. Check the comment section for all the answers.

13 thoughts on “Quiz Time – Which place is this ?

  1. Excellent Pic.. And do you really want me to answer this?? 😉

    This is bang opposite to one of my favorite places in the city of dreams 🙂

  2. Abhi,
    Yes. You’ll have to.

    Don’t try to fool other readers by your second sentence. That is not an answer. 🙂

    Anyway, comments with answers will not be published now.

    Your answer will get published next week. Let others also try. 🙂

  3. u took this pic ?? it actually looks very different in the night. neat picture. i wud call this the wtc of india … or mumbai … or whatever … may be not … considering that this was completely rebuild in a very short time, unlike wtc

  4. Sandeep,
    Thank you. Yes. Good or bad, all pictures on any of my blogs
    is taken by me unless I am in the picture. 😛
    Well, sometimes those as well. But I am not a professional like you. So, bear my inaccuracy and immaturity in this field.

    Oh you guessed it right !! But your comment will appear next week. Let us see who all guess it correctly.

    And many congratulations on first b’day !!

  5. oops … wasnt that a compliment 🙂 i havent seen any immaturity or inaccuracy. infact, i count u as one of the pro-bloggers and been enjoying ur shots / posts. the exclamation was more coz i’d never been to the place at night 🙂 and yeah … i am nowhere near a pro, but thnx anyway for calling me that 😉

    btw … isnt my answer correct???

  6. Zhu,
    No, you are not wrong. 🙂
    But I am not publishing your comment for the reason I told above.

    Oooops.. have I faulted somewhere ? 😀

    Yeah, even for me it was first time at night and I was overwhelmed by the aura. I wish I had anti-glare for my camera.
    Well, yes you are a pro for me… I am a newly born.

    Yes, of course your answer is correct but I can’t display it now. Let others also guess it.

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