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The book, “The Bankster” from Ravi Subramaniam is a thriller and the story is set in different places across the world. What more could I have asked for? 😀

To be honest, before this book I had not read any books from him. But when I saw this catchy titled book personally signed by the author Ravi Subramaniam himself, I fell for the gesture. These little gestures go a long way. I had to read it.

The story revolves around different places across the globe … and being a global traveller myself, I wanted to see how he portrays them and if there is something that still finds a place to change my perspective about those places. I have been to all these places except one. It was a different feel for a traveller to not read about the places per se but the events happening there.

This book takes us from Angola to Cochin to Vienna to Mumbai. Each location introduces different stories with different characters and they are as different as chalk and cheese.
Connecting these dots and maneuvering with multiple scenarios with multiple characters spanning different continents playing simultaneously, the story makes for a good read. In the first few chapters you feel like lost in several small stories but as the story grows, all pieces fall in place giving you an overall picture of a nail-biting murkier plot. And that is when it made sense to have the novel written in such manner. 🙂

Being a banker himself, Ravi Subramaniam could weave the story well and people like me who have no connection with banking world had no difficulty in understanding the plot.
Through his story the author has also spoken about the latest happenings around the world which makes the reader feel that s/he is living the current life. I liked the way how India’s emerging culture which is exponentially rising into the corporate lifestyle is depicted.

You have a few expectations with a thriller and it is as good as its speed. This book is racy at its best. No time is wasted on side stories or details on the lives of the characters. The story is about a Foreign Bank and its operations and employees. Out of the blue, a few of its employees get killed in mysterious circumstances; one in Vienna and two in India. The bank is in a fix on whether to approach the police or open an internal investigation. Truth reveals itself when the CEO chooses the third option. 😀

And nothing quite prepares you for the climax, even after watching many Bollywood movies. 🙂

On physical appearance, the paper and print quality is quite good besides an apt cover page. On the negative sides, I thought the book should have been less than 300 pages.
Don’t get me wrong if I say I generally don’t read Indian authors. But “The Bankster” is one of the good books I’ve read from an Indian author in recent times. Now I know why Ravi Subramaniam is called as John Grisham of Banking. He exudes more confidence and control over the plot and the course of it.
Do grab a copy if you are a fan of crime thrillers.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome review. Am really thrilled that you liked THE BANKSTER… really was overwhelmed by you saying that you generally dont read Indian authors, and that this is one of the best books that you have read from an indian author. It made my day. Thanks 🙂

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