Book Review-The Ultimate Tech Guide for Travelers

Note:- First five readers who purchase the book from this site will get a discount of $5. Please see the comment section for details.
Yet another e-book from Anil Polat, the owner of travel blog Foxnomad has been launched. And he was kind enough to send me a complimentary copy of The Ultimate Tech Guide for Travelers for review.

By understanding how something works you can manipulate it to no end. The same thing goes for technology – once you understand how the basics work, you can make them work for you in many money saving neat ways.” The author tries to convey through his latest book.

Travelling has become an integral part of our lives. The more we travel, the more we need to be in touch with family & friends, more we need to save some money and more we need to preserve our memories by way of photos and journals.

This easy to read e-book caters to all such digital needs. It’s a superb guide packed with money-saving ideas for using computers on the road for travelers for everything that they might need during travel. The book targets both Windows and Mac users.

The e-book consisting of 9 chapters gives ample guidance with loads of links to external sites which provide more services and detailed explanation on a specific topic.

Be it photo editing, e-mails, language learning guides or any other such stuff, The Ultimate Tech Guide for Travelers has a list of free or low-cost software with details for day to day usage during your travel.

It has a smooth flow starting from the kind of laptop to buy to suit your purpose, various software involved, how & where to securely (online & offline) back up your data which includes precious photos.
It also elaborates on getting open internet access in restrictive countries, some hacking secrets you didn’t know (the author is a ethical hacker a.k.a. computer security consultant), getting discounted deals for air tickets, accommodation, (Ah yes 30% on Apple products as well) etc, how to use e-book readers or mobile phones besides showing you etiquette at internet cafes.
Click here to view more details on the book.

On top of it, the author provides six months of free consulting to assist the buyer to configure his/her own computer for travel use… from saving photos on the way or setting up free telephony services, not to mention a year of free updates.
The e-book is also available on Kindle and Nook besides the standard PDF version.

Priced at $37, it is a useful all-in-one book which will help you to save money and recover the cost of the book in no time.
Note:- First five readers who purchase the book from this site will get a discount of $5. Please see the comment section for details.
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  1. Dear readers,

    First 5 people who buy the book from this site will get a discount of $5. Kindly use the coupon code ‘lemonde‘ at checkout. Do let me know if anyone has problems with it.

  2. @Shrinidhi: Thank you for the feedback. Any specific topics you’d be interested to read about? Let me know and I’ll be sure to include them in either an upcoming update or future ebook.

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