Cheap Travel Insurance

Cheap Travel Insurance

Insurance is for unforeseen events and travel is exactly that. Hence, travel and insurance can not be separated. Whether the trip is for individuals or for large families or groups, a day trip or spread over several months, we need to get insured. Cheap Travel Insurance is one such company that offers many a variety of insurance products for UK residents.
However, it does not mean that being UK resident, one is restricted to travel within Europe. I tried getting a quote for Australia & New Zealand for a single traveler for winter sports. It started from £41 and besides covering all basic necessities including hijack (yeah, that’s one of the basic these days), it also covered ski equipment, pass, avalanche etc.

Cheap Travel Insurance has been in business since the year 2000 and has an assortment of policies to cater to most types of requirements while traveling. The policies can be taken for accident, travel delay, lost baggage, cash or documents, medical to trip cancellation, even for your pet and many more…
They also offer a 10% discount, if you buy the policy online. This works out cheaper than when you take insurance through travel agents.

In addition to travel insurance, they have a lot of information on preparing yourself for any trip including a detailed guide on almost every ski resort in Europe. What I like is that they have included a column for travel news as well.

On the downside, though one can navigate through the website easily, I feel it looks a bit cluttered and probably by a little re-design can make it more spacious.

Note:– This is a sponsored review.

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