Five travel books

Blogathon has a theme for today. And it is “My top 5 favorite books on writing are…”.

Well, I changed the theme slightly to suit me. 😉 I am going to write about five of the travel books that I possess. All these books are either won by me in different contests or have been gifted to me.

1. Roots – It is a story about an African American family that inspired pride and a greater understanding of the past. As the name suggests, it is a powerful look at an American family’s immigrant past. The book has earned a place among the popular classics of American literature and remains a profoundly influential and well-loved book.
2. Peep Peep don’t sleep – A funny book that is very similar to what I intend to write one day. It was my idea too but this book came up first. This book contains photos of funny but educative road signs from India.
3. Culture Shock ! Malaysia – Written in the form of a novel, this is actually a guide book, which provide insights to see beyond the stereotypes and misinformation about customs and etiquette that often precede a visit to a foreign land. It has everything from rules of driving and monetary systems, religious practices and making friends. The book is great for the business traveler, the foreign exchange student, or the tourist who makes a sincere attempt to cross the bridge into a new and exciting culture.
4. Road Trip USA Pacific Coast Highway – Professional traveler Jamie Jensen traveled more than 400,000 miles to bring us the best selling travel guide Road Trip USA . Through this book, Jamie takes us from the dense green forests of Washington to the gorgeous beaches of Southern California. It highlights major cities, obscure towns, popular attractions, roadside curiosities among other things. Very good book for road trips.
5. The Wrong Way Home by Peter Moore – This book is a hilarious travelogue, which takes the author on the Sixties hippie trail… from the UK to Australia without flying …. will strike a chord with all those travelers who have stood where Moore stood. This book promises to entertain those who opt for off-the-beaten-track travel adventures with the author’s quirky descriptions of places and people. If you have not visited these places, don’t read. 🙂

I have some more travel related books which I’ll mention some other time.
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17 thoughts on “Five travel books”

  1. I love your list! I want to read the second one on your list- and I can’t wait to read YOUR book when you publish it. You should do it “Funny signs of the world”- from all your travels! I’ve seen such humorous ones in each and every country I’ve been in…would make for a great book.

    Every time I think I want to just forget this blogathon- I remember you joined coz of me…so I have to keep it up 🙂 ha ha!! We’ll finish this TOGETHER! Tomorrow the one and only- YOU will be featured on my blog!!

  2. @Connie,
    How prompt you are in commenting ! 🙂
    Yes, I am collecting the signs and one day I’ll publish them.

    The moral and enthusiasm is up for blogathon till now. Let’s see what happens.
    And my ! you are giving me goosebumps now. *hides in a corner*

  3. I love Lonely Planet guidebooks, although there are way too many versions now.

    For novels, I have to go with “Flash”, written by a French backpacker traveling across the Middle East and India in the 1970s.

  4. Nisha, I know just 2 books from your list…. the first two, and have only read the first… and its a book close to my heart, since I first learnt about it when I was a kid and my mom was reading it… she used to tell me the stories of the books she read then, and later, I read it myself when I got to college….. the second I have yet to lay my hands on… the others I havent even heard of, but then, those arent really the areas I have been too interested in 🙂 but that last one sounds interesting… waiting to read more about such things here 🙂

  5. Nicole/MadlabPost

    Hmm, I’d like to read that Culture Shock and Road Trip one. I never read Roots but did watch the movie or televised series on VHS tape when I was younger. I may get it on DVD one day just to add it to my collection.

  6. I have read 8 travel books and have 3 – 4 more on the shelf and your list does not have even one!!
    Well, the difference is mine are almost all India related…

  7. @Zhu:
    No Lonely Planet for me ! They are just guidebooks which I do not use. I rely more on locals. 🙂

    Will look for Flash and try to read.

  8. @Anu:
    There are plenty of books related to travel. And I prefer the ones with which I can relate to in some way. Either by activity or by the place.

    But these books are the ones where I had no choice. They were all either gifted or won by me. 😀

  9. @Anne:
    Yeah, they are good. But you won’t find ‘Road trip’ interesting unless you are taking the road trip. 😛

    You are sure a techie who wants to be glued to his desk. 😛

  10. @SiD:
    Even I have some more which I haven’t mentioned here. But I agree, I do not have many books related to India. I don’t even know much about them.

    Would love to know your list. I think some books are ought to be common. 🙂

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