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A few days back I was contacted by asking if I would be interested in doing a review of their hotel search engine site, which I agreed to.

Hotelcalculator, like some other search engine sites, is a consolidator which means it compares prices of accommodation offered by over 20 travel websites simultaneously and only shows the best results it can find. It makes things easier and faster for you to book a hotel as per your needs and choice.

First look of the site is impressive, clean page with white background and no ads. Navigation is faster with fast loading landing page. And while the search is on, it starts displaying in real time how many hotels and websites it has checked. If you think that is enough for you, you can start looking at the accommodation available right away. No need for you to wait till it completes the search.


All you need to do is key in bare minimum information like city you are visiting, the dates of arrival and departure, and the number of guests and rooms you are going to need.
A lot of options are given on the left sidebar that can let you customize your search and results. Like other search engine sites, this site also lets you narrow your search by price, hotel name, location, amenities, hotel rating etc. and it takes just a few seconds to give you the new results.
It gives you reviews and map for any particular hotel you are interested in checking but I feel this part needs more reviews in order to make selection more easy.
You can also choose your language of search out of the 12 available languages and many of the currencies as per your need.

One more feature I would like to talk about is booking through iPhone.
Often these price comparison sites offer iPhone facility for their sites but when you want to book, they redirect you to websites that are not designed for small screens. makes your life easier by building the reservation process into your iPhone. Try it.

When I checked with other sites, I found that this site is comparatively faster and in most cases gives the best rates which are usually lower than those offered directly by the hotels.
They also have a Facebook account which provides additional information such as the current trend, current popular places along with hordes of amazing photos and updates of the site to its fans.

All in all, the site is pretty user friendly, fast and has a lot of options to customize your needs.

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