Stylish bag holder

I love to carry big handbags. Remember my red bag ? Large bags are roomy and can hold a whole world of items in them. But as much they help you in carrying things, carrying them to places like restaurants becomes a nuisance.

These large bags usually need a chair of their own or because of space crunch, have to be kept on the floor. I don’t like the idea of putting the bag down on the floor. Also, most of these places do not have a place to hang your handbag. So I usually keep my handbag in my lap. That puts me on ease but at the same time makes me uncomfortable while eating.

Bag holder

Looks like a key ring.

That is when this pretty ‘bag holder’ comes to your rescue. Foldable into a key ring, this handbag holder clutches the edge of a table and lets down a hook from which you hang your handbag.

Handy, small, and attractive; this piece has a face of Eagle. True to its name, it keeps a watch-eye on your handbag.

Bag holder

Clutches the bag firmly.

Bag holder

Holds the bag firmly.

Bag holder

Looks like a key chain.

Note:– The bag holder belongs to a friend Pushpa whom I met in Lavasa.

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14 thoughts on “Stylish bag holder

  1. @Connie:
    Good. I am going to buy one now and since it’s not available in India, I’ll have to go to some other country. 😛
    Nice excuse for travelling. 😉

  2. @Jan Udlock:
    Well, my friend had bought it in Dubai but as Connie also has it, I guess it is available in many countries.

    I need to go out & check. Let me see. 😛

  3. Awesome thing. Tell me how can I grab a few? I would want to gift these to my female friends.

  4. @Mohit,
    By what name do you want to comment? Please keep only one name.

    I see you’ve changed your mail id ? And so this comment went into spam. There is no harm in leaving your blog url here but not as a part of comment. If you are on CommentLuv, it automatically picks up your last article.

    To answer your query, it was bought in Dubai but I recently heard that a similar version is available in Bangalore as well.
    Where are you based ? 🙂

  5. Nisha,

    See, I told you I never realize what details I am putting while I am putting comments. The problem is majorly coz I have 2 laptops and on both of their Internet Browsers have saved different details which they autofill when I comment on any blog.

    Anayway, I still don’t know which email I used last time. So let it be. Don’t be bothered, just approve!! 😉 😛

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