The Roar of an Airplane, No More?

The worst part of staying near an airport or living near an airport is the level of noise and disruption. Long nights punctuated with the piercing sound of an engine whine don’t tend to lead to sleep or a sense of peaceful quiet. Frustration levels always seem to rise as conversations must be paused frequently for the roaring overhead. It definitely isn’t music to anyone’s ears. Travelers at hotels near metropolitan airports and international airports in particular are accosted by a cacophony of sound around the clock, as flights leave as early as 5 o’clock in the morning well into the night.

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Some staying at airport hotels are in luck however as airports across the UK are slowly starting to implement their Noise Action Plans as required by a new European law. The plans must be approved the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs and the Department for Transport. These are intended to help airports learn how to further reduce the noise pollution for surrounding areas. Experts and local community members were involved in the investigations.

Stansted Airport Hotels in particular can count themselves lucky as Stansted Airport will be enforcing strict fines for off track flying and overly noisy aircraft as just one of sixty plus measures that will be enacted over the course of the next ten years. This might even affect the level of noise at Airport Parking as Stansted starts to phase out older, noisier aircraft. Stansted seems to have taken a very strong approach to solving this issue, and has left nothing off the table as far as a possible solution.

While guests at Heathrow airport hotels and those utilizing Heathrow Airport Parking should not feel left out, as it began its own investigation in 2005 and plans on adopting measures to change the level of noise pollution over the next five years beginning in 2011. The action plan was approved in May, and here’s hoping that one of the busiest airports in England is very quickly able to reduce the deafening noise.
All in all, things are looking up for seasoned and novice travelers as airports begins to take the level of noise more seriously. One can only hope that these measures are implemented quickly and without any complications. The more steps that they complete, the more certain travelers will be off a quiet, comfortable stay anywhere near an airport.
P.S.- This is a guest post by Nick Phillipps.

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  1. It’s strange how we get used to some things…and then, when you think about them there is so much to it, and you wonder why we didn’t all want to talk about it or do something about it until now. So glad that you decided to!

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