When I went camping in Bamboo Island

During my backpacking trip to Thailand, one day while I was chatting with a few locals, the name of Bamboo Island popped up. I was anyway exploring the possibilities of visiting some new places, so I decided to go there.
Travelling without any agenda or destination in mind, gives you freedom to choose your pace & place. There is no hurry to rush into things.

Bought a ticket from a tour agent for THB 1500 and off I went to this very small island. Koh Phai (Bamboo Island) as it is known locally, is a flat evergreen island with fine white sand and beautiful crystal clear water.

After checking into a tent by the shore, I went into the woods. It is a fairly small island and you can walk around the whole perimeter in about 45 minutes. I took more time since I wanted to soak in the place.

camping in bamboo island

Isn’t it a beautiful place to stay ?

There was something mystical about

Facts & tips about Pagsanjan Waterfall trip

Read here about the trip experience.
1) Pagsanjan is pronounced as Pag-san-nyan.
2) The name of the river is Magdapio.
3) The stretch is of 6 KMs before we reach the falls. First 4KMs are done by a motorized canoe and then the boatmen (they are called banceros) take over and paddle the canoe against the powerful flow.
4) There are at least 10 sets of rapids in last 2 KMs.

rowing to Pagsanjan

Some people under the waterfall.

5) There are around 980 boats with

Rowing to Pagsanjan Waterfall is fun

I must say rowing to Pagsanjan (pronounced as Pag-san-nyan) waterfalls at Laguna bay was much more fun than standing under it. Here is my take.
– – – – – – –
“Gentleman first, please” I almost lost my control on those steps to the river. Till now I had always heard “Ladies first” and it has been well programmed into my system so when I heard these words while going down to sit on the boat, it took me off guard.
Okay, I let V to be the guinea pig this time. I adjusted my life jacket and helmet, consoled myself without arguing with the two boatmen. Oh wait ! Gone are the days of wooden boats; it was a locally built fiberglass canoe.

They helped us take our seats on the narrow canoe with me sitting almost on V’s lap and before I realized, our canoe was attached to a motorized canoe which appeared from nowhere. It already had some boats as its wagging tail and then we also became a part. The ‘engine’ canoe pulled us and two more boats got attached along the way. And so our boat train ‘chugged’ forward. 😀
Why motorized canoe? We were going upstream and the flow was strong. We were told the whole stretch was around 6 KMs. The river is not very wide and looked like a canal to me.

rowing to Pagsanjan

Can you see how relaxed our boatman is? One motorized canoe was pulling all the boats.

The atmosphere was very