Cathay Pacific Lounges and Premium Economy Class

You may all remember the exemplary Cathay Pacific business class service we had on our way from Mumbai to Manila and back. Cathay’s philosophy of providing #Lifewelltravelled experience to their passengers could be discerned even in the smallest part of the airplane or the smallest activity of the staff. In this article we would like to talk about the Cathay Pacific lounges which we enjoyed a lot and premium economy class of travel on their long haul flights, a new service from Mumbai.

Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class
The Pier, Business Lounge of Cathay Pacific
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Delhi International Airport Terminal 3

Picture of the moment: Delhi International Airport T3
Picture of the moment is a weekly series exhibiting pictures, through which I show you a bit of my world.

I am home ! I am home after volunteering in Cambodia. It feels good to be back…. to be back to familiar smell, familiar surroundings and familiar sounds. 🙂

T3 international airport delhi

The hands gestures of Nav mudras greet you before immigration.

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Yet again

A story – The guy in question travels a lot. His other name is ‘a frequent flyer’.  The day before yesterday he was to take last flight of Spicejet airlines on Bengaluru – Pune sector.
Both these places have only one airport catering to both domestic & international flights. The scanning of baggage takes place behind the scene and not in front of the passenger.

The guy always has a laptop and one more baggage (this time an overnighter) which invariably gets checked in … Read the rest

Reaching Geneva

Geneva, my first on-site city. It makes me smile, for, it has given me countless nice memories. And it is like my second home after my India.

Mumbai-Amsterdam-Geneva. That was the route I was taking. Though I was traveling alone, unlike many first time overseas travelers I was not nervous at all. I was excited. New place, new work and new challenge. I just wanted to run away from Mumbai because it was mid August, raining horribly and I hate Mumbai rains and roads.

At the airport all usual questions were asked.. who packed your luggage, are you carrying a … Read the rest