Story of Meissen White Gold

Strong man covets the white gold

Augustus II the Strong, the Elector Prince of Saxony and the King of Poland was an avid patron of arts and decided that Dresden would be the cultural center. He also had a great liking for gold, real yellow ones. His great love, bordering on avarice, resulted in him recruiting a young alchemist work on the Goldmacher Tinktur or the Gold making formula to convert base metals to gold.

meissen porcelain white gold saxony dresden Albrechtsburg
Meissen Cathedral seems to grow of Meissen Castle. This was where it all started. Meissen Manufactory. PC Saxony Tourism

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Sand Art in Jordan

Sand art in Jordan

He puts a little sand of beige color, which acts as a background, in a small bottle and then slowly adds another colored sand. His skilled fingers are at work! He adds every new color with a thin stick or a funnel. Meticulously he ‘paints’ the parts of that color in the picture, only occasionally glancing at it.

Sand art jordan

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Yemenite Art in Israel

Yemenite Art in Israel

I am in a workshop in Artist’s colony at old Jaffa and in front of me is an 8th generation silversmith from a Yemenite Jewish family, deeply engrossed in creating a masterpiece from sterling silver. Holding the delicate tools his hands work on a fine piece of jewelry.
That’s Ben Zion David. His handmade ethnic traditional Yemenite filigree jewelry and Judaica has loads of history to it.

Yemenite Art in Israel

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