Story of Meissen White Gold

Strong man covets the white gold

Augustus II the Strong, the Elector Prince of Saxony and the King of Poland was an avid patron of arts and decided that Dresden would be the cultural center. He also had a great liking for gold, real yellow ones. His great love, bordering on avarice, resulted in him recruiting a young alchemist work on the Goldmacher Tinktur or the Gold making formula to convert base metals to gold.

meissen porcelain white gold saxony dresden Albrechtsburg

Meissen Cathedral seems to grow of Meissen Castle. This was where it all started. Meissen Manufactory. PC Saxony Tourism

You may say, oh not another of those stories but hold on.

Sand Art in Jordan

Sand art in Jordan

He puts a little sand of beige color, which acts as a background, in a small bottle and then slowly adds another colored sand. His skilled fingers are at work! He adds every new color with a thin stick or a funnel. Meticulously he ‘paints’ the parts of that color in the picture, only occasionally glancing at it.

Sand art jordan

While the silent fingers

Reviving the Dragon Earthen Water Jars

Reviving the Dragon Earthen Water Jars

In earlier days when there was no plastic or probably metal too, they didn’t have any means to store water, especially rain water. So they made large jars from clay. Since Dragon played an important role in their lives, they made the trademark dragon figures on the jars. Hence the name Dragon Earthen Water Jars.

Ratchaburi ceramic factory

Ratchaburi in Thailand was the

Street Performers at Circular Quay

Before I start telling you the details of Aurangabad trip or show you more photos, I take you to Sydney in Australia.

Here is a video shot on the streets of Sydney near Circular Quay, one of my favourite places to spend time. Come weekend and like in any other tourist place in this world, the streets are full of activities.
A street performer was demonstrating his art of doing spray painting to earn a few bucks. And he took less than 4 minutes to do it.
Even before he completes his first work of this art, he gets enough orders to spend the whole evening.

While he completes his work within minutes, we spectators watch him