Meet my Partner in Crime

Some of you have already met him.
Meet my partner in crime, partner in real life and partner in many things that you don’t know. Down to earth and a very simple person at heart, he has been my backbone & a strong support, and this support also includes financing many of my solo trips. 😀


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Featured in DNA Newspaper

It was a pleasant surprise when one of my friends informed me that I have been featured in today’s (Oct 24, 2013) DNA Newspaper’s Escape supplement, Mumbai edition.

The article is titled ‘Blog It’ and talks about travel bloggers who share their experiences of exploring India and the world. There are five other travel bloggers featured in the article along with me. All of us try to reminisce about our journeys and share our passion for travel and blogging and ponder over ‘why we travel?’.

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A month of Blogathon

And so it has come to an end. Phew !

On the first day of May when I was reading Anjuli‘s blog, I came to know of Blogathon which was to start on the very same day !
Foolishly, I checked the site & in a spur of a moment sent my request to join it. And immediately regretted doing so. I even prayed that my request doesn’t go through or get delayed at the server ! Other participants had prepared themselves mentally of this and were aware of various theme days and other details.

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Blogathon Wordle Day

Today’s theme at Blogathon is Wordle day. I didn’t know it’s meaning till I tried the tool.
It is about the themes or topics you talk about on your site in the form of a word cloud something similar to your Tag cloud.

So, Happy Wordle day to all. I quite liked the name ;). … Read the rest

Five favourite cities – Guest post exchange

Day 16th is the guest post day for Blogathon. The participants are encouraged to exchange posts with another participant.
I am glad to introduce a friend Anjuli as a guest writer on this site. It is because of her that I joined this crazy Blogathon ! If I am not able to complete the run, she is to be blamed. 😛 And if I complete, she gets full credit. She is the one whose words encourage me no end to take that extra step in whatever I do.
I am ‘trying’ to enjoy it, grumbling every night to write a … Read the rest

So I accept the challenge…

When Anjuli mentioned about blogathon and that she is going to participate in it, I thought she was crazy. But being a well wisher & a friend, I wished her success and that’s it.

Blogathon 2011 is about posting a post every day during the month of May. I know a few other bloggers who are participating in similar projects but seriously, who in their right frame of mind can write & publish everyday?

Not me.

When it started today, I read her first post on her blog and commented. I told her she was a brave person to have … Read the rest