When I went camping in Bamboo Island

During my backpacking trip to Thailand, one day while I was chatting with a few locals, the name of Bamboo Island popped up. I was anyway exploring the possibilities of visiting some new places, so I decided to go there.
Travelling without any agenda or destination in mind, gives you freedom to choose your pace & place. There is no hurry to rush into things.

Bought a ticket from a tour agent for THB 1500 and off I went to this very small island. Koh Phai (Bamboo Island) as it is known locally, is a flat evergreen island with fine … Read the rest

NALS – National Adventure and Leadership School

Everyone has heard of the majestic Himalayas creating magic on us. It represents the awe-inspiring power, beauty, and grandeur of nature. And visiting Himalayas can rarely be separated from the spiritual mind due to the close association of the Himalayas with mythology and ancient scriptures. What if it is combined with an adventurous trip with basic trekking and camping services ? Exciting, isn’t it ? So, those who are inclined towards this fun-filled spirituality, there is news.… Read the rest