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Bloggers opinion on TBEX ASIA 2015

Bloggers opinion on TBEX ASIA 2015

Twice before I had planned and booked for TBEX and twice I have been deprived of the opportunity for some reason or the other. I was third time lucky! At last it was TBEX ASIA at Bangkok Thailand !
As a newbie to this event I was apprehensive about what I would do and whom I shall meet. Eventually I decided to keep my mind open and take it as it comes. I must say, I had a fantastic time and I strive to put to pen my sentiments and those of my friends.

I have also captured a few things that could be improved. Mind you, I am not on a fault finding expedition here, just a little something so that TBEX becomes THE event for bloggers around the world. Following are the views by fifteen bloggers of different countries who attended the event. Most of them are of the same view, while some responses are very interesting. 😀

ASEAN tourism to pickup for Indians

On 26th August 2015, Representatives of 10 ASEAN countries joined together to inaugurate the Indian edition of ASEAN Promotional Chapter for Tourism (APCT). This forum has been formed to leverage the incredible tourism potential in this region. The nations in this forum are Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

ASEAN officials

We were invited for this event and if you

Thainess comes to India

I was invited by Thailand Tourism board to a press conference held at hotel Palladium. It was not a simple press conference but a total Thai experience, if I may say so. Floating market, fruit art, Thai massage, Thai boxing and of course Thai food and Thai sweets & candies. 🙂
Her Excellency Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, minister for Tourism & Sports, Thailand spoke in length about how they are planning to promote Thainess this year.


International Media Convention in Thailand

If you are regular at my Facebook page, you would know that I was invited by Tourism Authority of Thailand to be a part of International Mega Convention held in Bangkok on 25th July, 2014. It was a weeklong trip with some sightseeing before the convention.

First things first, I’ll speak about the convention here, which was the main objective of this visit. Rest of the articles will follow later.
I have attended several international media events before, and have represented India. So, I was looking forward to see how different this one was.

To say in one sentence, the entire program was short and simple… crisp and to the point. The way I would have liked it.
bangkok mega convention @lemonicks.com

Over 900

Malaysian International Tourism Bloggers Conference & Awards MITBCA

As you all know, I was invited by the ministry of Tourism, Malaysia to present a paper in the conference Malaysian International Tourism Bloggers Conference & Awards MITBCA.
It was a wonderful experience. I got to meet so many people whom till now I knew only virtually. Shared and learnt many experiences and tips as well. It was a two day conference with emphasis on movement of social media in travel and leisure industry.

Malaysian International Tourism Bloggers Conference & Awards MITBCA @lemonicks.com/

The Tourism minister with the speakers. Can you guess which one is me? 🙂

Malaysian International Tourism Bloggers Conference & Awards MITBCA @lemonicks.com/

I am with the Tourism Minister YB Dato’ Dr Ng Yen Yen, posing for the photographers. 🙂

The topics at Malaysian International Tourism Bloggers Conference & Awards MITBCA ranged from

Malaysian food festival

Malaysian food festival in India.
Sometime back I was invited by Tourism Malaysia to attend Malaysian food festival.
Being fond of Malaysian food I could not resist myself from savoring some of the dishes. I also looked for Apam Balik which was absent from the menu, probably because it is a street food.
The most common dishes like Roti Canai, Nasi Goreng etc were missing from the menu as well. Probably they wanted us to taste some new dishes. 🙂

Fish bowl soup and cauliflower curry soup
Satay chicken, Satay veg
Roti Jala
Ayam Ketumbar
Ikan Assam
Soya tofu beans salad
Rojak of fruits
Blueberry jelly
Mango Raspberry

Here I share a few photos of the cuisine. Photography wasn’t allowed unless things were on your plate. Don’t be surprised if you find more dessert in my plate. 🙂

malaysian food @lemonicks.com

Roti jala, Ayam Ketumbar and soya tofu beans salad