Jus buah

In Malaysia, my way of trying a juice was to put my finger on a name and ask for it. I refused to see a dictionary for its meaning or ask somebody who knew English. I wanted to know them by taste.
At times it resulted in disastrous distasteful situations but I was also glad that I could pick up some names. Also, I paid attention when they pronounced the names.

I have tried each one of these and a few more which are not mentioned in this list. My favourite was Jus Tembikai.
The locals were quite surprised to see me

Night Markets at Krabi – I

Night Markets at Krabi – I
Can you believe that till the time I touched Krabi, I had never heard of night markets there ?
If you are in Krabi, you have to make a visit to experience the ultimate charm of these markets. The locals as well as tourists look forward to it eagerly. People staying in Ao Nang or Railey beach area specially make a trip here. Open night markets or pasar malam are a favorite and individual vendors rule the place.

There are basically two main night markets in Krabi; one on weekends and the other on all nights. And I loved both.

Irresistible satay.

First night market I am going to talk about is, the food market on

Teh Tarik

Teh = tea
Tarik = Pull
Price = RM 1.20 to 2.00
depending on the place.

Hot bubbling tea.

Among hot beverages of Malaysia, it is considered as national drink.

It is served hot and prepared in a similar way we prepare coffee in south, pulling it from one tumbler to another. But do you see something strange in this photo ?

Water, water !!

When we go out of our house even for a few hours, the most common thing that we need first, is water. I generally carry a bottle of water with me but it is not always possible. This is more true if we are out to a different place or country.
Nevertheless, albeit small, daily we end up spending a few bucks on mineral water alone.

Like any other country, in Malaysia one can get a variety of mineral water starting from RM 2.20 upwards (Malaysian mineral water bought in a food bazaar kind of place) to RM 4.00 upwards (such as Evian) for a 1 litre bottle.

But no worries, you can save on this as well. There are