Ourselfie, our time together!

Ourselfie, our time together!

I think, for ages, painting selfies, or self-portraits as it was called then, have been a pastime for many an artist. The reason, then, probably was self-glorification or perhaps to show their prowess with the brush and also to depict themselves in a particular way. Many portrayed themselves in a group or mythical scenes too. They wanted to make a statement.


With the

Sometimes losing money is fun !

Sometimes losing money is fun !

Casino! This word generally conjures up images from Las Vegas. The glittering lights and world famous shows, not to mention the best gambling and gaming dens.

Gambling probably is as old as civilization itself. My Indian friends may remember the events that lead to the Kurukshetra War (as per Mahabharata).
I do believe that gambling and games are quite related. In fact any activity that has the tendency to have an uncertainty in their result is a potential candidate for gambling. These days we have people betting on results of any game or sport.

First time I entered a casino was in Nepal. Back then, rules were strange there. Locals were not allowed inside ! Anyway, we made some money and lost some, all in all we were in plus! It was enjoyable and we were amused to see a lot of people enjoying losing money. 😉

Second time it was even more enjoyable since I lost much money ! It was in

ABCD of Columbia!

What would you do if someone invited you to Columbia?
What? Columbia? Where is that?
Internet, long live.
Well, no one invited me yet, but I thought I should be prepared, if at all any one did. 🙂

Here is the summary of my findings.

Columbia is another name for the US of A…. and this is only the beginning. Though I guess you won’t find it in the maps, old or new. Its usage is more literary than political.

I ain’t (!) gonna get into a discussion why America is named after Amerigo Vespucci and not Chris,

Thrilling finish to a memorable trip

Contd from here ….. A trip to Sikkim

Plan for next day was local sight seeing which was to start at around 10 since we were quite late to hit the bed on first night.
I took advantage of this extra time in the morning and ventured out to a nearby village with my camera.

Whether it was a school or a house, the morning chores took importance over anything else.
I met a young girl in her school uniform rushing towards her house after borrowing two eggs from neighbours. I saw a young toddler refusing to put on his crocs. I met a boy running to his hostel with homemade hot breakfast in his hand. Apparently his house was next street and he could somehow sneak out of boys hostel. 🙂 I met many other such people.
In short, I saw life. I found people untainted, polite and somewhat reserved.

Video of Shoh – a dice game of Sikkim

If you are following me on Twitter, you’d have known that we had stopped at a small place called Sevok in West Bengal to satiate our hungry stomachs.

There, a little far from our table, we saw a group of locals playing this game. The group was making some sounds which made us curious. Language barrier and lack of time played against us in understanding the game.
Later when I came back, I searched on the net but could not find any information. I have already written here whatever I could gather from them, including the name and its spelling.
They did not tell me about wooden bowl or leather plate. It was me who looked at those things curiously and found out. 🙂

Here is a small video of this game.

Next time

Edible Ganesha ?

Come Ganesh Chaturthi and we have Lord Ganesha in any form, in everything. Or, anything can be made into Lord Ganesha.
Before the fever of Ganesh Utsav subsides I must publish these photos, on request of Samaresh, a fellow traveller. I had posted one of the photos on Facebook and he wished to see some more.
The idol is made of biscuits.

Lord Ganesha in biscuits.

Lighting was such that it was difficult to take a good shot. Some close ups ….