The hidden gems of Peru

Located in South America alongside the South Pacific Ocean, Peru has a heritage that many countries envy. Much of the attraction lies in the natural resources, the archaeological finds and the Inca’s empire and activity holidays often involve treks to Machu Picchu or hikes along the Sierra. Less known than the Inca Trail but still as popular, are the Cordillera and the Colca Canyon trails. Two other treks to explore during activity holidays include Ausangate and Salcantay.

Peru is a great place for family holidays, as the diversity and activities are second to none. Start in the capital, Lima and enjoy some sightseeing, taking in the interesting architecture and the numerous museums, before a little retail therapy in the shops. Lima also offers plenty of family friendly restaurants and hotels.

The Amazon Jungle is

Hiking tips to Lonar lake

Before reading this article, it is suggested that you go through these articles on how to reach there & where to stay and a photo feature for a better picture of the place.

Though I did not find it difficult, hiking to Lonar lake can be a daunting experience for some of us. The crater walls are steep and if you are living just a city life or are not very young, you might find it difficult to climb down or up, let alone doing a full round of the lake. Many people have returned back after trying to get down.

Some statistics of the crater lake:-
The meteoric lake is around 50 thousand years old.
The outer diameter of the lake is 1.83 kilometers.
The circumference is around 6-7 Kms.
Descent to lake i.e. distance from the rim to ground level = about 140 meters.

The water is saline in nature; my guide mentioned it has substantial quantity of sulphur and phosphorus too. How correct is this information, I have no idea.

Tips for hiking:-
Try this activity only if you are physically fit, into some hiking and do not have any kind of breathing problem. Remember, once you are down there, you need to