Flying to The Emerald of the Equator

The month of April saw me returning back from trip of Singapore, Hong Kong & Macau. We stayed in all the three places longer than what people generally stay. After a long time, we both vacationed together and at our own pace. We wanted it that way. Vasu has been telling me to think about our next destination and book tickets. I am being just lazy.

April also saw three other international trips either getting declined or cancelled for some reason or the other. For me, personal trips are far more important than FAM trips. So, no issues. … Read the rest

International Media Convention in Thailand

If you are regular at my Facebook page, you would know that I was invited by Tourism Authority of Thailand to be a part of International Mega Convention held in Bangkok on 25th July, 2014. It was a weeklong trip with some sightseeing before the convention.

First things first, I’ll speak about the convention here, which was the main objective of this visit. Rest of the articles will follow later.
I have attended several international media events before, and have represented India. So, I was looking forward to see how different this one was.

To say in one sentence, … Read the rest

In search of Polar bears …

Poland calling me…

In a few hours I will be at the airport on my way to Poland on an invitation from Tourism board of Poland. It’s my first visit there and I am excited.


I am sure there would be more colors than this white.

It is not that I had never heard of this country before. I can recount my introduction to Poland.

The pictorial stories I had read when I was … Read the rest

Hello from Mauritius

Bonjour, tout le Monde. çava?

Hello from the land of exotic locales, lively waterfalls, turquoise blue waters, white pristine sand, white houses on the shore and green sugarcane fields.

Ah, this is what happens when you miss checking my Facebook page or Twitter regularly. That is the place where most of my updates happen. 🙂

Mauritius beach

Who would not want to live here?

I am invited here by Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority.
Today was my… Read the rest

Hello from Malaysia

When I said Bye to you in my last post, I was flying to Turkey. And Hello from Malaysia now?
Well, the week long trip to Turkey has ended and I am in Malaysia right now. 😀

It so happened that I, along with a senior journalist from Delhi, was chosen from India to cover the Ramadan festival in Malaysia. The news came to me just 2 days before I flew to Turkey ! I was to fly out on the same day I would have returned from Turkey.

ramadan delicacy

I love adventures of travel. 🙂
My passport… Read the rest