Living the Thai culture

Giving Alms to Monks

I waited in the dark. It was around 5 am, dawn was a few minutes away. I stood at the wooden makeshift steps at the bank of the river Tha Chin. Gentle and fresh breeze caressed my face and locks. Innocuous clouds were hovering over me wondering what I was up to. Holding my plate I was waiting for two things … the sun to come out and the monks.


My plate had

Reviving the Dragon Earthen Water Jars

Reviving the Dragon Earthen Water Jars

In earlier days when there was no plastic or probably metal too, they didn’t have any means to store water, especially rain water. So they made large jars from clay. Since Dragon played an important role in their lives, they made the trademark dragon figures on the jars. Hence the name Dragon Earthen Water Jars.

Ratchaburi ceramic factory

Ratchaburi in Thailand was the

Thai Herbal Compress Luk Prakob

Thai Herbal Compress Luk Prakob

Oh Ah .. here, here… this side…
Have you ever got a Thai massage done? And told the masseur about your pains and stiffness? And then she or he used a warm aromatic bindle (पोटली) or pack to soothe your muscles? Have you ever wondered what does that cloth bindle contain?
Well, I did.


On my recent rustic tour of