Things to know about Bangkok

Have you been to Bangkok? If not this post is for you. Even if you have been there, I am sure you didn’t know all of these. You can read this to know some more.
1) Though most Bangkok canals have been lost to road-building, boating is often considered as the most rewarding city experience maneuvering through the ‘Venice of the East’. Khlongs still thread through the Thonburi west bank and branch into the plantations of Nonthaburi.

temple of wisdom hat yai

A Thai Temple.

2) Escape the de-spiced tourist

5 Must see things in Singapore

5 Must see things in Singapore

Most places we visit have so many things to offer to us, it is quite difficult to identify a few places that would be of interest. On the other sometimes we have very little time on our hands that we would like to visit those few places quickly and prevent an embarrassment back home when someone asks what did you see or do.

In Singapore I recommend the following 5 places which is a must do / see according to me.

jurong park

Jurong bird park

This bird park is a free flight

When my plane was about to collide!

Have you ever travelled when you were very tired and sleepy and all you wanted a comfortable bed to crash?
I have.
I wanted to sleep while waiting in immigration queue. I wanted to sleep while waiting to board. There are many instances when I desperately wanted to doze off.

Talking of sleep or lack of it, reminds me of a small anecdote which I want to share with you all.

I was flying to Thailand. The flight was in the evening and as usual I had my window seat. 🙂

Immediately after our airplane settled above the clouds, I could see the Sun setting. To my disappointment my window pane was very dirty from outside so I was unable to take any photo. But I did not want to let go of having a window seat. I turned back and clicked a few shots through the window behind.

Man! That was some work and then I dozed off !


I woke up after a

Train journey or air travel?

What do you prefer? A train journey or air travel?
This is a question I get asked many times.

Well, both have their own advantages & disadvantages.
I love train journeys; they have their own charm. To look out to the beautiful landscapes, the fields, the people working or doing their daily chores and the sound of “chai” at every station. …. A real bliss.

There is a saying Hindi, “hawa mein mat udo, Zameen par aa jao”.
It gives me exact emotions when I travel by train. I feel grounded. I can relate to myself with other human beings.

Inside aeroplane

There is an old adage that

City of angels!

I have been to these parts so many times but to this particular city, never. Did I have chance of visiting this place? Well.. one must make their chances. I could have planned my itinerary differently. The fact is I have not been to Bangkok ever.

There are so many other places in Thailand that I always gave it a miss. Even now when I took a train for Langkawi, had I not alighted on time, I would have reached Thai border and of course beyond that. The train goes upto Bangkok !

Even now, as I am in Malaysia, the City of Angels (as it’s called in Thai), is only about a couple of hours away. When this

Pain of Flying

I am going to narrate a story, funny in parts and of course very important lessons to be learnt too.

Once when I was in Switzerland, a friend of mine arrived from India and we had planned to meet. From the airport the first thing he told me was that he could not walk! He said it was extremely painful and somehow he had made it to the arrival hall and had plumped himself on a sofa there. I asked him if he had banged his foot somewhere, did he slip, did he sprain his ankle and so on.
His response was in the negative every time.
He wanted me to go there and help him out. I grabbed some pain relievers and sprays from my first aid kit and went to the Airport.

When I saw him, he was

Flying domestic?

I have been travelling (and hence flying) since ages but I still make mistakes when it comes to buying air tickets. Being a traveler I don’t mind a different route but I generally try to stick to the airline which gives me an affordable ticket.
In the hustle & bustle of life, I start comparing tickets of different airlines, different combinations and after some time I give up. Not to mention, most of the times I end up paying much more than what should have been an ideal price.

Mumbai from above

That’s aerial view of Mumbai

Flying international is