Dilli meri Jaan !

Delhi completes 100 years and so, Happy Birthday, Delhi ! 😀

Delhi was declared the national capital on December 12, 1911, by King George V when he visited the country to commemorate his coronation as the British emperor of India.
And this is my salute to the capital of India.

red fort delhi

Ganapati Visarjan

And so we bade farewell to our Lord Ganesha.
The Elephant God was worshipped for ten days amidst fanfare and now it was time to say goodbye.

Reverberating “Ganapati Bappa Morya ! Pudchya Varshi Laukar Yaa!”, requesting Him to come fast next year, people carried Him to the respective immersion place, whether it was a small pond or a lake or the Arabian sea !

They carried Him on their heads, in their laps or in large trucks, the spirit of this festival remained high. It didn’t make any difference whether they were just two or a large group; whether they were Hindu, Muslim or Sikhs. Everybody rejoiced.

I have tried to catch the mood in my camera. There are many, many photos which I’ll upload soon in my photo gallery.

Till then here are some glimpses.

ganapati visarjan

Isn’t mine better than yours ?

Lavasa at night

Night photography requires special equipment and a steady hand. I had neither.

Right. On my casual trip to Lavasa, I was carrying a not so fancy camera and was so excited with meeting other people that I was almost running like a small pup whose owners have come back home. You get the picture. 🙂
Still I could not resist myself from clicking a few shots when I saw those colorful reflections of light on Lavasa lake.

Have a look.

Lavasa at night

Lavasa lake.

Flower show of Sikkim

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Some pictures from my camera.
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Pollen grains scattered by humble bumble bee 🙂