Bulul, the Rice God

Bulul, the Rice God

There he was! Sitting on a platform in a fetal position with crouched legs. His head had an attractive piece of headgear and a necklace made of bones adored his neck. He had dressed like a Bulul. I heard a soft voice, “photo?”. The hopeful eyes of this wrinkled man looked at me.


I was in a hurry to reach my

A Wooden Mug

A Wooden Mug

More than fond memories of a place, some souvenirs show us the character of that place. They tell us history, culture and much more about the place. This wooden mug from Philippines is one such souvenir.

wooden mug

A beautiful handmade wooden Mug.

When we stopped at a house in a village while


Souvenirs for me is not just buying a few key rings, fridge magnets or postcards. They are fond memories of a place I visited, fond memories of the moments I lived & cherished. Sometimes they are part of our life, not just the memories.


I stayed in Australia for nearly a year. During that period

What did I buy in Mauritius?

So, what did I buy in Mauritius?

Unless it is a total vacation, shopping for me is mostly restricted to souvenir shopping, you very well know that. 🙂

And that tells you why this post! I realized it’s another month and time to talk about the souvenirs collected from all over the world and what better time to show you something from Mauritius, from where I returned recently.

Mauritius souvenir

Beautifully woven colorful bags.

There are many

Tea Gifts

Chai, çay, tea or teh… Whatever name you call it by…. tea has become an integral part of our daily life. Reading morning newspaper, travelling in a train, driving down in wilderness, watching the rain, or waiting at a bus stop in mountains… we enjoy our cup of tea very much.
I am sure many of you are tea drinkers like me. Though I have tea twice a day and can manage with only a cup a day, the husband is a big lover of tea and can easily consume 10-15 cups albeit in small quantities!

sri lanka tea

Simple plain tea with milk, Herbal, masala, Assam, Lemon, Ginger-Tulsi, Apple or any other flavored tea… Are you a fan of only one kind or do you like to try out different flavours? That brings us the question.

Do you

Souvenir shopping in Turkey

Souvenir shopping in Turkey
This is that time of the month when we talk about the souvenirs collected from all over the world and what better time to show you something from Turkey, the new addition to the list of countries visited.

Besides beautiful photos and memories, most of us bring something home from our travels as gifts to our family, friends and loved ones or just for our own keepsake. I am one of them.
For me being abroad and souvenir shopping go hand in hand. Souvenirs speak of stories and histories about the place and can vary in usability, size, shape, color and texture.

souvenir turkey

The first thing

Souvenir – Paua sea shells

Paua sea shells from New Zealand
Before I could even blink, I realized this month is about to pass by in a jiffy. I have been off the internet most of this month and I know the blog is crying for my attention. A few things have happened, and I am trying to keep balance between the two worlds.

This is that time of the month when we talk about the souvenirs collected from all over the world. And this time I take you to New Zealand.

I had the first glimpse of these shells at Auckland airport itself. Huge, larger than life wooden carvings with shiny blue eyes! I was awestruck to see the vibrant colors of those eyes and wanted to at least touch one.

Sea shell

Paua shells (pronounced as