Gifts from returning travelers

Note: This article is intended for an audience who are above 25 years of age.

We have been travelling for several years now. Probably I should write decades. 🙂 While it is a great fun and enjoyable to see new places, meet new people, imbibe new culture, sometimes new drinks too, 😉 there is another thing I relish. That is souvenir shopping! Shopping for souvenirs, for self and for friends back home.

I always keep some time (when possible) for this shopping.


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Ourselfie, our time together!

Ourselfie, our time together!

I think, for ages, painting selfies, or self-portraits as it was called then, have been a pastime for many an artist. The reason, then, probably was self-glorification or perhaps to show their prowess with the brush and also to depict themselves in a particular way. Many portrayed themselves in a group or mythical scenes too. They wanted to make a statement.


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Croatia on my radar

The travel guides describe Croatia as ‘stunning’ and ‘beautiful’. That’s true, they are, but these words just don’t do the country justice. Croatia is so much more than that.

Croatia has been in my list for long. Looking at pictures online or in brochures really isn’t enough to appreciate the tranquil feeling you get from being in the area. Take your camera but don’t spend the day behind the lens.


It’s difficult to
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Online Flight ticketing

I think the advent of online ticketing for flights have changed the way we plan our air travel, forever.

We have seen a sea change in the way we travel in railways too, this probably happened much before the airline tickets were offered online. Although it is a great hit with the passengers, one can, even now, see a sea of humanity at any Indian Railway ticketing counter. That is probably because the bulk of India’s train traveler may not have access to internet or do not have a credit card or both. People still go to travel agents … Read the rest

Romancing in Havana?

Now that I am settling down after an extended trip of South East Asia, my mind has already commenced to wander to another corner of the world.

Like Cambodia, tourism in Cuba has been steadily growing, pipping the sugar industry to the post. Like Cambodia, the Cuba’s economy is slowly trying to get back on its feet, which had seen the worst, especially after the disintegration of the USSR.

Let us focus on travel now. Politics is pretty at times and can leave the general public seriously impacted.

My mind, as I said wanders, to go to Cuba, while … Read the rest