Eid, Dargah Sharif and Ajmer

Eid, Dargah Sharif and Ajmer.

An experience to remember.

In Ajmer my first stop is Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti’s Dargah, popularly known as Dargah Sharif and is one of the places to visit in Ajmer. I have read all along right through school to now that the people of all religions hold the Sufi saint in high esteem. Being a day dreamer, I actually look forward to the place with a Sufi song “Khwaja mere Khwaja, dil mein sama ja” playing in the back of my mind ! 🙂

Qawwali, the famous Sufi singing, is a common sight here.

It being at a walking distance from the station, I walk through small lanes full of shops and reach a place where it joins a larger road and on one end is the huge gate of Dargah.

Dargah sharif @lemonicks.com

Main gate of Dargah Sharif.

Goddess Kamadhenu

When I was coming down the steps of Batu caves, I suddenly saw this idol. And I had to take a photo of it. Believe me, I was pleasantly surprised. I had never seen a cow with a woman’s breasts ! Forgive me for my lack of knowledge of Hindu mythology.

Later, I wanted to learn about this idol and this is what I know now.
Goddess Kamadhenu, a divine goddess, is also known as Surabhi. Kamadhenu, the sacred cow, is an integral part of Hindu mythology and grants all wishes and desires to the true seeker. She is termed as the “cow of plenty”.

cow goddess with breasts batu caves @lemonicks.com

Goddess Kamadhenu at Batu caves, Kuala Lumpur.

In iconography, she is generally depicted as a white cow with a female head and female breasts or

Cultural capital Thanjavur

My train reached Thanjavur in morning around 6:30. After getting down I followed other passengers from platform to get out of the station. At the station I stopped; some shops had started opening. I wanted to have a hot cup of coffee before I start hotel hunting.

I looked around, no such shop was open. Then I approached a book stall and asked for a good map of the town so that I can navigate easily through its roads and landmarks. That’s the first thing I do when I reach a new place. Strange enough, the shop had all newspapers, film magazines, some novels but no map of the town !
I came out of the station. The morning chill and the fresh air was very welcoming. The chores of daily life had started to begin. I had checked in the internet and had a fair idea as which direction to take for hotel hunting. I started walking slowly enjoying the surroundings. Lone woman and you become a subject of awe. Some auto-rickshaw walas wanted to oblige me with their