Cultural capital Thanjavur

My train reached Thanjavur in morning around 6:30. After getting down I followed other passengers from platform to get out of the station. At the station I stopped; some shops had started opening. I wanted to have a hot cup of coffee before I start hotel hunting.

I looked around, no such shop was open. Then I approached a book stall and asked for a good map of the town so that I can navigate easily through its roads and landmarks. That’s the first thing I do when I reach a new place. Strange enough, the shop had all newspapers, film magazines, some novels but no map of the town !
I came out of the station. The morning chill and the fresh air was very welcoming. The chores of daily life had started to begin. I had checked in the internet and had a fair idea as which direction to take for hotel hunting. I started walking slowly enjoying the surroundings. Lone woman and you become a subject of awe. Some auto-rickshaw walas wanted to oblige me with their

Sneak peek into Tamil Nadu

About my recent solo backpacking trip. As I always maintain, my idea of travelling is not counting no. of places but the memories attached to them. Carrying a backpack, wandering, observing, uncertain about next destination (well, mostly) is my way of travel.

This time also it was not a temple trip. But since I was wandering mostly in temple cities of Tamil Nadu, plenty of them happened in between. I also went to craftsmen’s villages to see their art… some of them in dying stages. I chatted with the artists sitting in their mud huts, had coffee with them, saw the tough & harsh side of their lives. I also learnt various intricacies, ingredients and the proper way to do things…. their things.

Below is a glimpse of that trip. Not telling you the names of places. I have uploaded some more photos in Facebook and they’ll

Hi-tech worshipping !

The life is fast.
In this mechanical era, no one has time to sit and breathe. At the same time one also likes to continue with age old customs and rituals. But who has time to do things in traditional way ?

Look at the picture below. Though I was apprehensive of clicking this photo, I also wanted to show it to my people back home.

hi-tech worshipping @lemonicks.com/Travel

Electronic worshipping in progress…. in Tiger Cave temple

Traditionally worshipping

Temple of Wisdom, Hat Yai

Temple of Wisdom or Wat Hat Yai Nai in Hat Yai.

This temple is famous for a gigantic statue of reclining Buddha measuring 35 meters long, 15 meters tall, 10 meters wide, named Phra Phuttha Hattha Mongkhon. It is said to be the third largest reclining Buddha in the world.

One can also enter the statue’s torso to view the lungs and heart. 😛
The temple was about to close, I couldn’t do that.


You can judge the enormity of statue by looking at the person sitting and praying near steps.


Temple of Wisdom a.k.a. Wat Hat Yai Nai

The temple

‘Dragon’ Pure Water Wells

Within the famous Snake Temple in Penang island, there are two wells called the two Dragon Pure Water Wells. These wells represent a pair of red eyes of an auspicious dragon. When the temple was being constructed, it is said that the door of Heaven was opened and a fierce dragon descended and landed in front of the temple with its tail facing west.


Notice board telling the history.

The two eyes of the dragon transformed into

मल्ल्क्का – संग्रहालयों का संग्रह

पिछली बार हमने शुरुआत की थी मल्ल्क्का से, अब आगे थोड़ा और जानते हैं |

हालाँकि कुआला लम्पुर से मल्ल्क्का अधिक दूर नहीं है, फिर भी मल्ल्क्का का अपना हवाई अड्डा है | हवाई जहाज़ के अलावा कुआला लम्पुर से मल्ल्क्का जाने के लिए सबसे सरल रास्ता है कार या टूरिस्ट बस द्वारा North-South Expressway होते हुए जाना | यह मलयेशिया की सबसे लम्बी expressway  है जो उत्तर में थाईलैंड और दक्षिण में सिंगापुर तक जाती है | ज़ाहिर बात है, सड़क पर गाड़ी मक्खन की तरह भागती है |
यह 144 KMs की दूरी सड़क से २ घंटे से भी कम समय में पूरी हो जाती है | बस का किराया केवल RM 12 है | बस आपको मल्ल्क्का शहर के अन्दर सेंट्रल बस अड्डे पर उतारती है जहाँ से हर पंद्रह मिनट में लोकल बस जाती है मुख्य टूरिस्ट स्थान के लिए | अरे ! भवें न तानिये | मलयेशिया की लोकल बसें भी वातानुकूलित होती हैं | 😀 और किराया सिर्फ RM 1.50 ! अगर आपका मन करे तो जब तक आपकी बस आती है, यहाँ बस अड्डे पर तरो ताज़ा हो लें, चाय नाश्ता कर लें | विश्वास कीजिये, भारत के किसी भी