Hiking tips to Lonar lake

Before reading this article, it is suggested that you go through these articles on how to reach there & where to stay and a photo feature for a better picture of the place.

Though I did not find it difficult, hiking to Lonar lake can be a daunting experience for some of us. The crater walls are steep and if you are living just a city life or are not very young, you might find it difficult to climb down or up, let alone doing a full round of the lake. Many people have returned back after trying to get down.

Some statistics of the crater lake:-
The meteoric lake is around 50 thousand years old.
The outer diameter of the lake is 1.83 kilometers.
The circumference is around 6-7 Kms.
Descent to lake i.e. distance from the rim to ground level = about 140 meters.

The water is saline in nature; my guide mentioned it has substantial quantity of sulphur and phosphorus too. How correct is this information, I have no idea.

Tips for hiking:-
Try this activity only if you are physically fit, into some hiking and do not have any kind of breathing problem. Remember, once you are down there, you need to

The things I am carrying

Celine has asked me what my backpack contains for this 48 days, 2 country solo trip.

Here is what I am taking with me. Since it’s backpacking, I am keeping things to minimum. (*wink*)

I am always very proud that being a woman, I can adorn many kind of dresses but when it comes to carry them on your back, I wish I was a guy. Just a few T-shirts & 2-3 shorts/jeans would have done. Compared to that, see what all I am carrying. 🙁

1. Jeans =1
2. Cargo pants

My upcoming solo backpacking trip

Some of you are aware that I am going on a 48 days solo backpacking trip to 2 countries…. Two countries where language will be a big barrier. And I am going totally unprepared. A few months back I had booked just the to & fro air tickets and did nothing else after that.
And the time has come now.

After a few days in first country, I will be heading towards neighbouring country overland. This is interesting. Flying into any of the city there can get you a 30 day tourist visa at the airport itself but if you cross the border otherwise, you’ll get only 15 days visa on arrival.

My train will cross border at midnight. I am wondering if the immigration people will wake me up to see my visa papers (like they did when I was crossing into Italy) or wait till next stop which will be in that country. Will the train stop there long enough for visa papers to be made or do I have to get it done at my destination further down ? How do I show that I have enough finances to stay in that country? Will credit cards do?

Thousands of such queries and I am totally

World Heritage Sites of India

Sometime back I had written about ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) being an issuing authority for a common entry ticket for all World Heritage sites in India. This was mainly done to reduce the waiting period in queue and other hassles faced while visiting these places.

After buying entrance tickets these people are waiting for security check

Tickets for individual sites are also made

Water, water !!

When we go out of our house even for a few hours, the most common thing that we need first, is water. I generally carry a bottle of water with me but it is not always possible. This is more true if we are out to a different place or country.
Nevertheless, albeit small, daily we end up spending a few bucks on mineral water alone.

Like any other country, in Malaysia one can get a variety of mineral water starting from RM 2.20 upwards (Malaysian mineral water bought in a food bazaar kind of place) to RM 4.00 upwards (such as Evian) for a 1 litre bottle.

But no worries, you can save on this as well. There are

Admission in Rishi Valley School

This post is especially written for those who want to seek admissions for their wards in Rishi Valley School. I get innumerable queries about the school and its procedures.

I am in no way related to the school, nor am I promoting it by virtue of this post. I stayed there for a day and I am stating the facts which I saw there or made available to me.

admission to Rishi Valley School

Rishi Valley School – The over 350 acres school, a modern