A complete Guide to Eurail Passes

Whew! We have completed our 100+ days extended tour of the Europe, for which we gave a hashtag #NiVaEuro. There are so many stories and experiences we would like to share. One of them is travelling by European rail network which was an integral part of our plan. Eurail Pass certainly helped in making our international and Intra-national train journeys fast, fun, scenic and simple.

Complete guide to Eurail Passes, Europe
The high speed Pendolino EWD350 train by PKP Intercity Premium, Polish Railways

Having had a firsthand knowledge of using a Eurail Pass in a variety of situations, we would like to share all our … Read the rest

A train journey shows us the real India

Kindness on the road.

We meet many people on the road, both locals and travelers alike who help us in time of need or distress without expecting a return. Last week of every month I bring you stories from travelers who have experienced kindness on the road and like to share and spread it for the love of travel.
This month’s story has come from Prasad N P of India who takes us to a train journey.
Over to Prasad N P.
= = = = =

Nobody has been a more avid traveler than … Read the rest

Train journey to Haridwar

You must be wondering what took me so long to write about my trip to Valley of flowers, Hemkunt Sahib et al which happened in August last year. Well, no reason in particular…. last year I travelled a lot and every time I thought of writing it down, I travelled some more ! 😛
Other assignments kept me occupied and VOF posts got pushed again & again. I must now start documenting lest I forget.
Without further delay, here is my day by day account of the trip. Kindly bear with me if it turns out to be very detailed, … Read the rest

Chennai Central – Great Facility

Thanks to Air Asia’s unceremonious cancellation of their service to Mumbai, We have been at our wits end to find the right Airasia flight to Malaysia, which is our landing platform for any South east Asian city.

Should we travel from Kochi, Bangalore or Chennai or maybe Tiruchirapalli ? Am I to do an India tour first? If yes then how to reach these places? This time on return I decided to save some money by travelling by train from Chennai to Mumbai.

Arrival at Chennai Airport itself was uneventful. Getting off the flight the high humidity hits you. I … Read the rest

Namma Metro!

Delhi Metro as we all know is the second metro to be commissioned.

Then after a series of delays, from one Ugadi to another, “Namma Metro” was finally flagged off in Bengaluru, the third in India fondly called Namma Metro, meaning “Our Metro”.

namma metro @lemonicks.com

The stretch is a short one, just about 4 KM covering 6 stations.

I got the chance to … Read the rest

India’s Toy Trains

India’s toy or midget trains are small trains that run on historic railway lines up to a number of the hill stations in India. Although these trains are slow and can take up to eight hours to reach their destinations, they are quite popular among visitors. The mountain scenery is beautiful and makes the journeys really worthwhile.
As per my knowledge there are only four toy trains running in India, one each in four zones and each one of them being special in its own way.
1) East – Darjeeling toy train
The Darjeeling toy train is known as the … Read the rest