Top 8 Interesting buildings of Abu Dhabi

Top 8 Interesting buildings of Abu Dhabi

As I mentioned earlier, there are many things in Abu Dhabi which have a tag of ‘largest’, ‘fastest’ etc.
May I add ‘weirdest’ and ‘smartest’ as well? In my opinion, Abu Dhabi is the hub of strange and interesting buildings.
Have a look.

1. Al-Bahr Twin Towers
abu dhabi pineapple building @lemonicks.com

Pineapple anyone? 😛

Donkey Taxi in Mijas

Donkey Taxi in Mijas

The first thing you hear about the little vibrant, beautiful white town Mijas (pronounced as Mikhas) is about Donkey Taxis. You can see them nicely decorated and carrying tourists through the alleys, streets and small squares of Mijas.

donkey taxi mijas @lemonicks.com

A donkey moment errr.. monument! 😛

Burro (or donkey) Taxi has become

nighoj potholes ©lemonicks.com

Nighoj Potholes – A Geological Wonder

Last updated on January 15th, 2020.

Nighoj Potholes – A Geological Wonder

Located around 20 kms from Chincholi is a village called Nighoj.
No, we are not talking about this sleepy village in rural Maharashtra which comes alive only during Janamashtami festival when lakhs of devotees throng to witness a miracle, that of an earthen pot of water coming out of a well in the village. There is also an interesting story attached to it. 🙂

Look ma ! A ship !

Last Sunday we went to Juhu beach. Not because we like this place but for something unusual that has happened here recently.

ship at Juhu beach @lemonicks.com

Planning to enter our house ?

Well, what will you do when you wake up one morning, only to see a huge ship coming at your doorstep?

Yes, that’s what happened a few days back in Mumbai. An old unmanned ship called Wisdom on way to Gujarat from Colombo decided to

Boundaries of Baarle

In my last post, I spoke about Baarle and how number 2 is so important for it.

What if I tell you that boundaries between the two countries DO NOT divide the town with a straight line and instead zigzagged all through the town?? Through the roads, through pavements, and ….

baarle @lemonicks.com/
Zigzagged white boundaries.

The result is that when you stroll around Baarle, you constantly pass in and out of the two nations ! And

Baarle : A unique town in two countries

Hi, why don’t you come over to Belgian side of the bar”. I overheard this sentence a few years back in a small town. Was the speaker joking? His tone was serious enough.

For quite sometime I have been trying to come up with a way to explain this weird town on this earth which I visited a few years back. It is something like ‘a child belonging to two mothers’. And none of them is a step mother.

Okay, let’s try.


It is a Dutch town in the Netherlands. But it is also a Dutch town in Belgium.
It is a Belgian town in Belgium and is also a Belgian town in the Netherlands.

I hope you are not confused as yet. 😀
Some more ?

baarle @lemonicks.com/
Baarle-Hertog Vs Baarle-Nassau

It is a piece of Belgian land completely encircled by Netherlands and vice versa.

Hi-tech worshipping !

The life is fast.
In this mechanical era, no one has time to sit and breathe. At the same time one also likes to continue with age old customs and rituals. But who has time to do things in traditional way ?

Look at the picture below. Though I was apprehensive of clicking this photo, I also wanted to show it to my people back home.

hi-tech worshipping @lemonicks.com/Travel

Electronic worshipping in progress…. in Tiger Cave temple

Traditionally worshipping