Mirror, mirror on the wall

This was the day when I could finally see Petronas. It was around an hour from my hotel to this place and I was there by 6:35 AM ! Read again, it’s AM !!
After getting my reservation ticket I haughtily kept it safe and came out to start exploring the city. I found many new places which certainly existed but I didn’t know about. 🙂
I wasn’t carrying any heavy bag… only my camera, my cap and a small shoulder pouch with all important papers which you need to carry in a foreign country. Under the scorching sun … Read the rest

River Krabi

Krabi town is incomplete without its river, bearing the same name. Some major shops, banks and govt offices are on main Uttarakit road which runs along the river. It has a nice wide promenade to spend your evenings and you can also see evening/ nights markets, docks and parks along the way.

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Beautiful !!

One pier caters to ferrying locals to other parts of the town while the other … Read the rest

Goa, an experience – V (Spice Farms)

I know I am taking aeons to complete this series on Goa. Also, I am purposely postponing those beautiful beaches Goa is world famous for. First I want to write about other things which many of us may not be aware of. One of them is Spice Farm. Well, I wasn’t aware of existence of any such farm.

The Sahakari Spice Farm is nestled within a lush, tropical forest in Ponda covering 130 acres. Travel agents at the main beaches operate day trips to Sahakari (yes, if you are interested in enjoying every bit of it, it is definitely … Read the rest

Seven Hour Bliss

Note:- 1. You may skip this post if you are not familiar with Delhi.
2. The slide show is at the end of this post.

From Delhi

For me it is company that matters and not the place but hang on.. .. not here, not in this case. This place is different and every bit of it matters. Yes, Delhi.

I have spent a major chunk of my life in Delhi but have never enjoyed it as contentedly as I did a few days back. Perhaps the city was always taken for granted. … Read the rest