ABCD of Columbia!

What would you do if someone invited you to Columbia?
What? Columbia? Where is that?
Internet, long live.
Well, no one invited me yet, but I thought I should be prepared, if at all any one did. 🙂

Here is the summary of my findings.

Columbia is another name for the US of A…. and this is only the beginning. Though I guess you won’t find it in the maps, old or new. Its usage is more literary than political.

I ain’t (!) gonna get into a discussion why America is named after Amerigo Vespucci and not Chris, as he is fondly called, Columbus 🙂 . There are treatises and treatises on that topic.
I called this post ‘ABCD of Columbia‘ but I shall discuss in the reverse order. i.e. D first, then C and so on.

DC: This is fairly simple, ain’t it? Capital of USA, District of Columbia also called Washington, after the first President of USA, or Washington DC, or DC or sometimes just the District! Planned as part of the American Constitution and built over several decades.

CC: Cities named Columbia. This could be numerous cities and towns named as Columbia. I am sure there is one in each state of the US and may be many more outside as well. This could also be numerous Companies or Organizations having the name Columbia 🙂
Finally this could be the Country named Colombia in the South America ! 😛

Now, here are a couple of open questions to all my readers.
How many cities are named Columbia in the US and outside?
List the companies/organizations with “Columbia” in their name.

Now the most interesting part.
BC: Most likely the British Columbia. Aka C.B. – la Colombie-Britannique (a bit of French influence). This is neither in Britain nor in the US. 😛 This is one the biggest province in Western Canada. Probably the original Columbia included the whole of North America! This is generally termed as the green province owing to the vast expanse of natural beauty. My destination British Columbia is also sometimes called the Far West of Canada.

AC: This is the most surprising bit of all. I am now talking about Astronomical Columbia! There is an Asteroid named Columbia. In addition there are asteroids dedicated to the seven astronauts of space shuttle Columbia as a memorial.


11 thoughts on “ABCD of Columbia!”

  1. Columbia was also the name of my school from where I did my secondary school….

    Umm….u also forgot Shakira…the real Colombian bombshell

    OR Pablo Escobar…a notorious Colombian Drug Lord

  2. You have done your homework— and I must add- you HAVE been invited ….in fact, you have a standing invitation to visit me in Washington State- which is near British Columbia :)…as opposed to District of Columbia (although that is also Washington…but on the other side of the map).

  3. I have to admit that after living in the US for 60 years, I have never heard it called Columbia within the US. It is always interesting to see how others view us.

    And…in this part of the US, AC refers to Atlantic City, big east coast gambling town and beach on the Atlantic Ocean.

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