Nighoj potholes

Nighoj potholes (कुंड)
Located around 20 kms from Chincholi is a village called Nighoj.
No, we are not talking about this sleepy village in rural Maharashtra which comes alive only during Janamashtami festival when lakhs of devotees throng to witness a miracle, that of an earthen pot of water coming out of a well in the village. There is an interesting story attached to it which shall be told at a later date. 🙂

Instead, we are here to see another wonder of nature…. the potholes of Nighoj !

nighoj potholes

Have you seen such river banks?

This place needs to be seen to believe, a must see if you are in the vicinity. These beautifully shaped natural potholes in the riverbed are some of the largest in Asia according to geologists, but very few of us have even heard of them.

nighoj potholes

A newly built suspension bridge on the river

nighoj potholes ©

The river Kukadi flows near the village. It is said that at one point, sudden geological disturbances occurred and a huge canyon was formed. The river flowed through this canyon with a great force forming huge holes in the rocks.
These potholes are spread over three kilometers with an average depth of over 100 feet.

nighoj potholes

You can see the dam at a distance

nighoj potholes  ©
Me at Nighoj Potholes
nighoj potholes  ©
Me at Nighoj Potholes

This is a geographical phenomenon where the pebbles that are carried by the river get locked in the cracks developed in the basalt rock riverbed. These pebbles swirl around due to the water current & form pot shaped cavities in the basalt rock. The process has taken over thousands of years. There are other theories also but we are not here to discuss them. 🙂

nighoj potholes

Do you see smooth round shapes? Rocks resemble some kind of sculptures.

Most of the rocks are black/ dark gray colored but if you see closely there are layers with a tinge of red too. The thin layers of green & white marble look like markings and are very prominent.
At places it resembles naturally formed rock sculptures. We spent around two hours admiring in awe & taking photographs which will be uploaded soon.

How to reach Nighoj: Nighoj is 90 kms from Pune and 245 kms from Mumbai.
Directions from Mumbai-
• Get onto Mumbai pune expressway
• Travel about 85km on the on the expressway, cross both tolls and take somathane exit which goes to the Talawade IT Park.
• Get on to NH4
• Take left after railway bridge of Dehu road station. You will see the station on the left. This is Talawade road.
• Travel for 5 km then turn right for IT park.
• Go straight 10 km after turning right. You will reach a T junction. This is Pune Nashik road. Turn Left here
• Travel till Khed ( 20km), just before Khed Bus Stand turn right it is a bit sharp, more like inverted ‘V’
• after 1km you will reach Y junction, take left. pass by retavadi, Gosasi, Pabal .. total 20 Km
• After coming out of Pabal take left turn.
• Go another 10 KM, you will see boards for Morachi Chincholi Village on the right.
• There are places to stay inside the village and also outside if you bypass the village.
• Continuing on this road for 20 km after passing Maltan, Takli Haji take a right. Small road sign direct you to “Nighoj Kund
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46 thoughts on “Nighoj potholes

  1. What awesome pictures– I could imagine spending many hours looking at everything! I look forward to hearing the interesting story which you said you will tell in the future!!

  2. @Anjuli,
    The place is interesting. Will share some private photos with you. 🙂

    Oh the story ! It’ll come.

    Now you gave me one more reason to visit Karnataka!

  3. Great Photos. Worth a visit.

    On a lighter side though… 🙂

    Why would one go all the way to this place when we can enjoy all the potholes in Mumbai roads itself 🙂

    Keep it up!

  4. Very nice photographs of great work done by river…& a good discription too…by the way- thin layers of green & white markings visible are not of ‘marble’.these are the joints filled with zeolites &/or greenish coloured secondary infilling minerals. a must place to visit by a student of geology.

  5. Ganesh,
    Thanks for your visit here but do not EVER think that my blog is a place where you can advertize for free. I’ve removed the link posted by you.

    If you want people to visit your blog, please write good & informative content. People will follow automatically.

    Else pay me to advertize for you. 🙂

  6. Yes Nisha, These rock formations look just like the bank of Dainthlen falls. Thanks for suggesting to read this. Somehow i had not seen this one though I have been your regular reader from last few years 🙂

  7. Girija,
    And I thought these rocks are unique! 🙂

    Is it? Oh I haven’t seen you on my blog all these years. 🙂

    Anyway, better late than never. 😛

  8. Hi,

    So Nighoj potholes are visible any time of the year, right? I was told Apr – May is the best season since you have least of water in Kukadi river. So was wondering all the way travel from Mumbai, will it be disappointment in Jan – Feb. My understanding was – if there is decent water in the river, potholes may not be visible. Kindly advise. Thanks.

    1. Hi Sachin,

      Thanks for writing here. 🙂
      As you can see in the pictures, the riverbed is quite deep and the potholes are on the sides of the river. You can’t go to the riverbed which is narrow and deep.

      The potholes are visible all thru the year and some of them may contain water. Winter is a good time to go. Summer is very hot and you can’t really step barefoot on the rocks as they also become very hot. 🙂

      I would suggest to avoid rainy season as it’d become very slippery to walk on the rocks. Rest of the time is okay to visit.
      I have added a few more photos to help you decide.

      Hope this helps you. Feel free to ask if you have any further query.

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