Exploring Singapore at night

Have you ever thought of exploring a city at night? Ever wondered how it would look like after the sun goes down? Is it going to be dead or kicking alive?

Well, if you are in Singapore, worry not. Day or night, Singapore is a hub of activities. From middle of the night desserts or dumplings in Little India to bar hopping, movies, strolling along the river, Singapore has enough to keep visitors and locals busy far into the night.

marina bay sands at night

Come, let me take you around. I assure you, you’ll fall short of time to cover all of them. 🙂

Laser show at Marina bay Sands. After visiting it at daytime, we had to just watch the laser show at Marina Bay Sands. A wonderful convergence of light, music and sound combining both electric lights and laser effects left me captivated. These 15 minutes of visual display by the waterfront is very popular with both locals as well as tourists. With stunning cityscape of Singapore lit up in the backdrop, I loved how the dancing colourful lights from the roofs of the Marina Bay Sands were reflected on the water.

Can you guess what it is? :)
Can you guess what it is? 🙂

Merlion Park. Now that we are at the Merlion Park, why not enjoy the surroundings? This park is most favoured for its location to watch the laser show and the Marina Bay itself. This is also the best spot to take a picture with Marina Bay Sands in the background.
There are several sculptures of Singapore’s iconic mascot around the island, but the original by Singaporean sculptor Lim Nang Sen at Merlion Park is the most photographed one in Singapore.

night safari singapore

Night Safari. If you are into wildlife, Night Safari is a must-visit. Set in lush secondary rainforest, the world’s first night zoo allows you to see what over 900 nocturnal animals are up to after the sun says bye. Night Safari Singapore is the only wild life park in the world built for night visits. You take a walking trail (choice of 3) or a tram ride, you’ll find mountain deer posing for you, flying squirrels and bats, lions eating their dinner, or a rhino taking a bath. A very thrilling experience in all.


Garden by the Bay. Whenever I am in Singapore, my visit is not considered complete without spending an evening watching Garden Rhapsody to the tunes of 1970s disco hall. At the Garden by the Bay, Supertrees come alive with multi colored disco lights. It’s a jam packed activity and both locals and tourists revel in retro fever.

clarke quay singapore

Clarke Quay. To talk of night attractions of Singapore, Clarke Quay is a great place to stroll the night away. Cool night breeze, sound of water, twinkling stars in the sky, what else do you need for your romantic evening? When hungry, you have plenty of restaurants along the riverside with your favourite Chili crabs.

River cruise. Taking a river cruise at night is the nicest & fastest way of exploring the landmarks on entire riverside area Fullerton hotel. The Singapore River Cruise is one of the things most tourists enjoy doing that is truly unforgettable.

singapore night attraction
Take a Trishaw Ride around Bugis Area. Bugis, a popular Singapore night attractions for frugal shoppers, is famous for two things … its night bazaar along the buzzing Bugis Street and Trishaw ride. I, myself, buy all my souvenirs from Bugis street. From fashion wear and accessories to quick bites, Bugis Street will call you again & again.

Bar hopping. One more activity that I recommend you is, bar hopping at night. It is a must if you want to feel the true night-pulse of the city. We went to Ann Siang Hill and the place was buzzing with activity. We went to a few before settling down at Oxwell & co. It has an excellent ambiance for you. Along with our drinks from the taps (yes, from the taps!) we ordered some crispy corns with pepper coriander.

Night shopping. Have you thought of shopping at night? Mustafa center is open round the clock! With 150,000 sq ft of bargains, it’s a treasure trove of discount shopping, for everything from skincare, electronics, sportswear and luggage to tons of souvenirs.


Chinatown Night Market is an iconic Singapore night attraction for tourists, where you can shop along Pagoda Street and Sago Street to buy yourself some exquisitely decorative souvenirs and then have dinner at the Chinatown Food Street known for its variety of great local food.

Have a luxury massage. Aramsa is located in the middle of suburban Bishan Park means that it is surrounded by nature. Individual spa suites are lined along the walkways. Some also have sunken bathtubs in private gardens. The best part is that on Friday and Saturday nights they extend service hours until midnight!

Indulge your sweet tooth. We went to Holland village to satiate our after-dinner cravings for some dessert. 2am:dessert bar offers sleek, modern desserts combined with a selected wine list. Tried the smoked white chocolate with hibiscus jelly and cinnamon beads, and then the alpaco chilli chocolate. As per its name, it stays open until 2am.

With these Singapore night attractions for you to choose from, you will not run out of things to do in Singapore at night. 😀

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22 thoughts on “Exploring Singapore at night

  1. Singapore seems to be an amazing city! So many awesome things to do you’ve listed here! I would love to see the Garden by the Bay in the evening, but the Night Safari sounds so interesting as well.

  2. There is something magical about being in a busy city at night I love it. Great photos love the first one of the laser show at Marina Bay Sands.
    Chinatown Night Market reminds me of the night market in Chiang Mai we loved walking around the night market the one in Singapore looks like a fun place to wander around.

  3. I LOVE to discover cities by day and night. Sometimes they look so completely different. Singapore is no exception – and Garden by the Bay is a not to miss from this point of view: great during the day, just as impressive by night! As is all Singapore, actually 😉

  4. I have never been to Asia, but I think when I make my first trip it would be either Singapore or Hong Kong. Thank you for the list. I have never visited a zoo at night so that seems pretty interesting.

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